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Building Accessories

Whether you’re looking to quickly upgrade your grain storage, livestock storage or livestock confinement buildings or go for a completely refreshed look, we supply the building accessories to do the job right.

Insulation & Ag Barrier

Keeping the heat inside your livestock storage buildings keeps your energy costs down. Radiant barrier insulation is a reflective insulation system that reflects radiant heat energy instead of absorbing it. The aluminized radiant barrier film is a reflective insulation that is unaffected by humidity.

Key Benefits of Ag Barrier Insulation
  • Thickest & Strongest Radiant Barrier On The Market
  • Available In Perforated Or Solid
  • Corrosive Resistant
  • UV Inhibitor Added
  • Eliminates “Black-Globe-Effect”
  • Easier And Quicker Installation
  • Available In Extended Widths

LED lighting

Good, quality LED Lighting helps to keep livestock calm and promotes a safe environment. Whether you’re looking for long-day lighting, the ability to provide a calm, cool spectrum, or boost energy with peak day lighting, your lighting can be designed to your specs. Lighting should provide the best environment for your business, our partnership with LumenPros and ONCE® allow us to provide a dependable customer experience.
The Power Of Light
  • Double the light of competitors
  • 50-75% more efficient than competitors
  • Superior uniformity
  • Replaces fluorescent & Jelly Jar fixtures for Poultry and Swine
Poultry Broiler Lighting
  • Monochromatic Light 8-15fc
  • Daylight or cool spectrum 5000K-5700K
  • Stimulate growth and a safe environment.
Swine Lighting
  • Dim levels of natural light from 4-6fc
  • Daylight or cool spectrum 5000K-5700K
  • Farrowing room lighting aspects varied lighting from living environment.
Dairy Lighting
  • Long-day lighting increases production
  • Primarily daylight or cool lighting with peaks in the 450nm and 560nm regions
  • Feed lanes average intensity 20-30fc depending on customer preference


Trusscore offers the best in PVC interlocking and corrugated panels and planking. Its Ribcorebrand of PVC corrugated panels are long-lasting, cost-effective and simple to install and maintain, perfect for a broad range of agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.

PVC Interlocking Liner Panel
  • Low Maintenance: Never requires painting or refinishing.
  • Class One Firing Rating: Tested to Flame Spread Index of 25.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
PVC Corrugated Panel
  • Made from 100% Virgin PVC
  • Great alternative to metal or wood – will not rot or rust
  • Easy to install and easy to clean
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective
NorLock PVC Panels & Planking
  • Tight fitting tongue and groove
  • Durable construction (heavy items can be directly affixed)
  • Bright white appearance to lighten your rooms
  • Available in multiple widths & lengths
  • No external support necessary
  • Openings can be cut directly into Norlock Walls
  • Resistant to bacteria
  • High impact testing

Here are just some of the manufacturers we work with:

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