Feeding systems that work as hard as you do

Automated Feeding Systems

When it comes to feeding your livestock, Bridgeport Corporation has all of the equipment you need. Our partnership with PigTek and Chore-Time provides feeding systems for the swine industry and dairy producers. Our goal is to maximize feeding efficiency and flexibility to provide the best experience for your business.

Feed Tanks

PigTek’s ALL-OUT® Feed Management System raises the industry standard for excellence and value. The innovative features of PigTek’s state-of-the-art feed bins and their accessories provide solutions for better productivity and all-out bin performance in your operation.
  • Spring-Lock™ lid – patented design resists wind and keeps out snow and rain
  • Optional: Hopper Access Plus Door for easy clean out from the ground
  • Hydro-Shield™ Guard – directs moisture to drip off bin’s sidewall keeping it off of the hopper and boot
  • Optional: Feed Viewing Windows allowing for visual feed level checks without climbing in the feed bin
  • Standard High Capacity 40 deg Roof
  • Additional Optional Features Available

Flex Auger Systems / Chain Disk Systems

Chore-Time and PigTek simple, high-quality, fully-enclosed auger is part of the industry’s most optimal feed system. Flex auger systems go hand-in-hand with feeder fill systems. The system helps optimize feed conversion by keeping feed fresh and reducing waste. It offers a choice of conveying rates for a wide variety of feeding applications. The fully-enclosed system distributes feed accurately and economically.

Flex Auger Systems
  • Feed conveying capacities from 50 to 250 pounds per minute
  • High-tensile spring-like steel auger & specially-compounded ultraviolet and wear-resistent PVC tubing
  • Choice of conveying rates for a wide variety of feeding applications
Chain Disk Systems
  • Up to 50 pounds per minute delivery rate
  • Gently delivers pellets, mash & custom mixed feeds up to 1,150 feet
  • Low-profile stainless steel drive unit mounts to ceiling to provide out-of-the-way conveyor lines

Hog Feeders

Our hog feeders are engineered to reduce feed loss and operating expenses. Our equipment ranges from Sow Feeders, Wet/Dry Feeders, Nursery Tube Feeders, Weaning Wet/Dry Feeders, to our industry-leading Adjustable Feed Saver Feeders. Our solutions are designed to aid pig producers during vital feeding tasks while saving hours of labor in maintenance time and minimizing feed waste and preventing over-feeding.
Feed Management Systems
  • Simplistic and Efficient
  • Lower Labor Costs
  • Prevent Feed Waste
  • Center of Pen or Fence-Line Feeders
  • Lineup Designed for Pigs from 12 to 280lbs
Product Lineup
  • Nursery Feeders
  • Wet/Dry Feeders
  • Finishing Feeders
  • Aqua Tube Feeders
  • Round Feeders

Here are just some of the manufacturers we work with:

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