Insulation & Ag Barrier

Keeping the heat inside your livestock storage buildings keeps your energy costs down. Innovative Insulation is the world’s largest manufacturer and wholesale retailer of radiant barrier for industrial and commercial use. Radiant barrier insulation is a reflective insulation system that reflects radiant heat energy instead of absorbing it. The aluminized radiant barrier film is a reflective insulation that is unaffected by humidity.

Key Benefits of Innovative Insulation Ag Barrier

  • Eliminates “Black-Globe-Effect”

  • Easier And Quicker Installation

  • Available In Extended Widths (Bridgeport Corporation is the exclusive distributor of 8ft seamless Ag Barrier)

  • Thickest & Strongest Radiant Barrier On The Market

  • Available In Perforated Or Solid

  • Corrosive Resistant

  • UV Inhibitor Added


View the Ag Barrier installation process in the gallery below.